Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 9: 30 Days of Insight

Day 9: Name 5 things you want to see change.

1) My hair color - it's been its natural color way to long now...almost 2 years! :)

2) The couch in our house - ready for a new one...waiting on my bank account to agree.

3) The weather - I'm ready for some cooler weather!!!

4) The size of our student ministry (and church) - we'd love to see it grow and more kids get involved.

5) My spiritual life - I'd love to continue to grow deeper and develop a stronger prayer life.

What are your 5 things??


Shelby said...

What color do you like your hair to be, Rachel?

Yes yes YES on the cooler weather!

Rachel said...

I like craziness - currently i'm thinking doing a dark auburn with black highlights...