Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 8: 30 Days of Insight

Day 8: Name someone you think would make a good president.

I honestly have no clue. But I can say this. It would not be me. Nor would it be any woman I know. I know that's so anti-feminist of me, but I feel like we as women have very strong intuitions, which can sometimes cause us to react without thinking about all the possible ramifications. I don't believe intuition necessarily makes for a great leader of a country. Men seem to be more separate in their thoughts. They have little compartments in their brain that allow for separate thoughts and ideas, whereas women tend to be more intertwined in our thoughts. It's like that book - Men are Waffles, Women are Spaghetti. I'd much prefer a waffle running this nation than spaghetti.

I'm sure you have thoughts on this...let me know!


Crystal said...

can i be a pancake instead, everything just seeping in? & I get to be sweet :)
But I would have to agree about the president thing.