Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 2: 30 Days of Insight

Day 2: Name something that inspires you.

The upcoming generation.

They inspire me to live and love in a way worthy of imitation. They inspire me to share Christ and his freedom in salvation to those around me. They inspire me because they are bold and brazen and don't stand for people dumbing down information for them. They crave honesty and truth above all. They inspire me because they are creative and aren't afraid to express their creativity in their clothing style, thoughts, etc.

The upcoming generation also inspires me in a different way. They inspire me to unplug from all the media and technology always surrounding me. They inspire me to enjoy quality time with those I love. They inspire me to show to respect to those around me, and never take what I've been given for granted. I see this upcoming generation so often as spoiled brats - against their knowlege they have been given so stinkin much that they often don't realize how blessed they are! Let me never forget that people and relationships are far greater than technology or gadgets or clothes.

So that is what inspires me. The upcoming generation - on the fence, will they decide to use their creativity for the glory of God, or for their own self-interests?

What or who inspires you?


Candace said...

I realize there is no perfect woman, but I feel like there are some who are close. Those women who work either full or part time, have clean homes, and a great dinner cooked each night. Yea...poor D.

Shelby said...

I love your insights here!