Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 1: 30 Days of Insight

I found this on several people's blogs and thought it would be a good way to keep me blogging consistently. For the 30 days in September, I will blog about a particular topic for that day.

Day 1: Name a guilty pleasure

I wanted to be sure I was accurate on this topic, so I looked up the definition. A guilty pleasure - soemthing you shouldn't like, but like anyway. Well, if that's the case then here goes:

* periodically watching the Lizzie McGuire movie

* peridoically watching B.A.P.S - a hysterically bad movie starring Halle Berry. (Side note - if I ever get to meet Halle, I would talk to her about B.A.P.S. and not much else...and she would probably hate me for even reminding her she starred in it)

* enjoying Miley Cyrus' voice (although her lyrics aren't stellar)

* eating Taco Bell - I limit myself to 2 items each visit, but I could easily devour 5-6 things each time. I love it!

So, what are your guilty pleasures?


Candace said...

oreos!...with milk of course...but milk and I aren't the best of friends so I regret it later.

Shelby said...

Cool! The Taco Bell thing I knew but the Halle Berry thing surprised me!