Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Instead of...

Instead of having to send out tons of letters asking for auction donations, I wish they would just appear in my office

Instead of having to go grocery shopping, I wish my pantry was self-replinishing

Instead of washing clothes, I wish a new outfit would just appear everyday in my size

Instead of having to work out, I wish my metabolism was that of someone with a tapeworm

Instead of having to drive, I wish I could bike everywhere (but get there quicker)

Instead of eating vegetables for nutrition, I wish chocolate chip cookies and brownies were just as nutritional

Instead of people calling the office phone, I wish people could just text everyone

Instead of cleaning the house every few days, I wish I could just buy a multi-purpose Roomba that would dust, vacuum, mop and sweep on its own.

Instead of ever being self-centered and oblivious, I wish I could remember above all to love

Instead of being frustrated by crazy days at work, I wish I could have a constant attitude of gratitude for my income

Instead of being miffed by having to downsize to an apartment half our current size in 6 weeks, I wish I could remember to be thrilled that this might be a second car very soon for us!

What are you instead of/I wish thoughts today??


Maria said...

I have lots of these today. Yikes. I enjoyed reading yours

Maria said...
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