Thursday, January 13, 2011

Orders keep consistently streaming in for my baked goods - next feat to tackle:

a 2-3 tier neon/zebra birthday cake for one of our students... it'll be for her birthday party which is just 3 weeks away! meeting with the mom soon to talk about details, pricing, etc. Excited but terrified all the same :)

On a competely different note, I wanted to talk about contentment.

Certain things can make me "content" for moments - a quiet night at home, a good book, a long bike ride on a pretty day, my favorite song on the radio. Those things, those moments make it easy to breathe a sigh of relief and contentment wash over me. However, I've been questioning as of late how content I truly am and what that means.

2010 was an incredibly tough year for Andy and I. There have been some major situations in which I would say I've struggled to remain content. I view contentment as not a satisfaction with where I am, but more of a peace that the current circumstances will be ok for a season. As these difficult situations have yet to fully resolve themselves, I find myself more and more agitated that an answer isn't visible on the horizon.

For instance, Andy and I got married in 2008. A couple days after we returned from the honeymoon, Andy was involved in a wreck that destroyed my car. We became a one car family. Now, 2 + years later, we are still a one car family. We don't have the money to make payments on two cars right now, so for the time being we share. That's not bad in and of itself, but Andy and I work about 40 minutes away from each other making sharing cars and figuring out each other's schedules tricky at times. It's hard to always be content in that circumstance.

Someone told Andy the other night, regarding a very difficult situation that we are in, that "you (Andy) just need to be content where you are." This was a hurtful thing to hear, since we are trying to remain content in all things. So we sat and talked about that - are we content? In this present situation are we at peace where we are? No. Not entirely - but we're trying. I'm not sure consistent contentment is plausible for me on this earth, but I certainly do desire to be content in all things. So I'll keep striving for that goal, and seeking the Lord's help to teach me contentment.

I do know one thing for sure, I'm very content with the fact that I'm getting paid to bake these days!!! :)