Friday, February 25, 2011

So I'm breaking out of my shell! With some birthday money I received, I bought these 2 items on sale at Urban Outfitters online. I love the store, but often I feel to "uncool" to purchase stuff there... NO MORE! Here's what I purchased for $20 each (The pants orginally were $79!!!!)

This is a maxi skirt that I'm hoping will come down a tad lower on my leg (due to my short stature) - however, I didn't go for the boring grey stripes. Instead I went with "bright abstract" which reminds me of gawdy painted pottery with lots of bright colors - reds, turquoise, yellows, you name it!! Look at me busting out of my shell :)

I also bough these wide leg trousers! Super excited! I ADORE wide leg trousers but HATE spending money on pants...somehow saving $60 on a pair helped me be ok with making this purchase :) I'm sure I'll have to hem them a tad, but I can't wait to wear them!


Emily said...

Super cute Rach!