Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Today is Fat Tuesday. Ironically, I'm also having a bit of a fat day :/ However, that's not the point.

If today is Fat Tuedsay then tomorrow is the beginning of Lent. Going to a Catholic university during my college years, and working for the Campus Ministry office at the same time, allowed me to learn and observe a lot. As Baptists, Lent wasn't really something observed and I must admit I knew very little of its purpose until I went to college. Since that freshman year, I've tried to observe Lent annually.

Lent is about preparing yourself for Easter. Easter is such an exciting time of acknowledging the amazing love of our Savior who came to die on a cross and conquered death and the grave by rising again just for us!!! How beautiful that the Creator chose to sacrifice His only Son so that we would all, the entire world, have the opportunity to live eternally!

People typically give up something in their life so that as they crave that "something" they are reminded of the sacrifice that Jesus made for us on the cross. These sacrifices can also be given replacements such as foregoing novels and instead spending more time reading the Bible or eating less and helping at a soup kitchen. This year, i'm going to be doing something a little unconventional in a way, but something I feel is necessary. I will only be checking Facebook once a week...not one day a week, but literally only once each week of Lent. In place of Facebook, I will send out notes of encouragement each day to someone(s) who God lays on my heart. Its so easy for me to be consumed with people, but forget to love them. Hopefully this shift from "stalking people" on Facebook to taking the time to encourage them will help me love more like Jesus.

What about you? Do you practice Lent? If so, what are you giving up?


Shelby said...

Interesting because I did a Lent thing on FB this morning! I've never really celebrated Lent before. Since Rich was a lapsed Catholic, we did some half-hearted attempts at various things but nothing real.

This year I'm giving up negativity and self-pity. I've indulged in far too much of that in the past year. It's true that I've had a rough year but still... My blessings through the roughness have been amazing! For the days of Lent, I'm going to focus more on gratitude and giving back to others because I have been so incredibly blessed.

Love you, Rachel!