Thursday, April 7, 2011

Church can be crazy for the hubs and I sometimes. Even though his primary role is a Student Pastor, in a small church he has had lots of jobs added to that plate. One of those jobs is to look after all the children and students after church during choir until the bus can take them home. (Most of our students and kids come through our bus ministry.) Last night, in the midst of chaos trying to help the hubs watch the kids, I had a window of opportunity to talk to one of our sophomore students. This student is the most precious girl but since she's very soft-spoken it can be hard to get her to open up. I was so thankful for this short conversation! We talked about school and spring break plans and such. But then we talked about where all the kids came from (the children have only been coming for several months). I explained the chain of influence that has led to 10-15 children/students coming weekly by bus. It started with a student who is now in college...she invited a friend, who invited some friends, who invited their friend, who brought all her neighbors. And my precious student's response? "Wow! I want to do that!" How exciting to think of the impact one girl has had on our ministry and the upcoming generations! In the midst of our frustration with doing things Andy hadn't orginally signed up for, it was nice to be reminded that God is working in big ways!


Shelby said...

You guys are being used in ways you can't imagine and didn't imagine. I'm sure of it. I've seen it in action. I'm glad you had this chance, though, to see that you're making an impact.