Thursday, August 11, 2011


1) My finger, Sally, is still here. Apparently, I got a cut under the skin, my body produced too much tissue in the healing process, it pushed against an artery which caused it to not clot for a while, it finally clotted but the bump stayed, and the dermatologist just annihilated said bump 2 days ago (I won't describe that process in case any of you are faint of heart or stomach.) Anyway, hopefully in a week Sally will be gone for good, but the indention in my finger (literally an indention) will probably not disappear.

2) My buddy Phil Newberry is doing great with his recovery! They were able to get all the cancer by removing the one kidney so now he just has to rest up. Thank you all for your prayers!! Continue to pray the recovery process is quick.

3) Remember way back when when I mentioned that exciting things were on the horizon. Well its beginning to seem as if that horizon was simply a mirage in a barren land. I'm clinging to the promise that God is good and He gives good gifts. Right now if feels as if we are more his red-headed step-children instead of heirs to the throne. Please continue to pray for Andy and I as we wait for an answer from the Lord and all involved. This process has been more excruciating that we could have imagined, but God is teaching us through it all!


Shannon said...

Praying for you on all fronts.