Thursday, January 5, 2012

Unwarranted Honesty

If you don't want to hear some cold hard truth about pregnancy topped with a big helping of complaining sprinkled with whine, I suggest not reading further. I mostly just need to get this out of my brain, so read at your own risk.

I am excited about this child growing within me. I couldn't be happier that God has blessed Andy and I with Baby. That being said, the actual pregnancy thing is way overrated in my opinion. I'm grateful for no morning sickness. I'm thankful that I can eat most foods. I'm happy my cravings mostly consist of fruit and salad. However, the negatives are far more numerous today.

People talk about pregnancy in generics and assumptions I'm realizing. "Exhaustion will disappear when your first trimester is over," "your brain will come back soon," "your back may hurt some", etc. It's week 16 and I'm still crazy exhausted. Baby has sucked out all of my brain cells and has left me unable to remember things for more than a few minutes at a time. My back kills me regularly. Etc. But people mean well, and they're just trying to be encouraging and that is kind.

But it's more the things they don't tell you or mention. The little things that you sometimes wonder if you're imagining because they seem so outlandish. For instance, the only time heartburn that occurs is when I go too long without eating. Various teeth which hurt randomly, but a couple days later it's all good again. The fact that it seems like these days my spleen and and kidneys are being strangled by my spinal cord. (And yes, I'm sure it only gets worse.) The fact that my legs itch like crazy every single night. These are the things that will make me go insane within these remaining 5 1/2 months.

But just a reminder, I'm excited about Baby...I'm just working out my bitterness with Eve for making it so hard on us preggos.


Sarah Eastin Harvey said...

"I'm just working out my bitterness with Eve for making it so hard on us preggos." Such perfect wording. I tend to yell at her about once a month ;)
By the way, congrats Rachel! You are going to be the most awesome mom! Even when you don't feel like you are, you will be because it's ingrained in you. Blessings to you, hubby, and jelly bean!