Sunday, January 15, 2012

Don't fail

This is an interesting question. I thought when I saw this, it'd be easy to answer; unfortunately, it's not so easy. I think we're so programmed to being cautious the older we get, that we stop to really think. So here's me stopping and thinking...some are ridiculous, some are serious, but here they are

1) Write a book

2) Dye my hair blonde

3) Enter a pie eating contest

4) Get my Master's

5) Work only doing my Bliss bakery - no 9-5

6) Go mountain climbing

7) Do a triathlon

So what would you do?


Shelby said...

This is a coaching question that's called a part of the "miracle question". It's my favorite thing of all that I learned.

I'd open a retreat for women like the woman I was 4 years ago -- women who have lost hope and heart and faith. It would be at the beach or in the mountains because sometimes it's easier to hear God's whispers when you're in His special places. There'd be coaches, counselors, pastors, healthy food, time spent outdoors moving our bodies, quiet time, group time. I envision starting with one-day "soul spas" and then graduating to bigger and longer retreats.

And I think you could do everything on your list. You're young yet and strong and brave!