Thursday, January 26, 2012

Boys Say the Darndest Things

Finding out the gender of the baby is a mere 5 days away and I'm so excited. So are our students at church. Last night, they were asking if we knew yet, and several demanded that we text them "AS SOON AS" we knew about the gender. :) I told them I'd post it on Facebook and several then launched into a myriad of reasons why that wasn't good enough. So, I now have a list of teenagers to text Tuesday. It just cracks me up!

We took a mini poll and of our 9 kids present, we had 3 vote girl, 5 vote boy, and 1 undecided so they said twins. (Ps...why do people think it's funny to joke about twins?)

But not only did I get phone numbers last night of students to text, or poll results...I also lucked out and got some fantastic statements/stories including:

  • One kid asked if he could be the baby's Godfather. When we said no, he said what about a Goduncle, Godcousin, etc.

  • Same kid gave us a mini (like uber mini) guitar last week so it could be the baby's first instrument. But then he asked if I could swallow it so the baby could start playing it now. (really!?!?!?)

  • Another boy said I was going to have a girl, because I'm nice and his mom was mean when she was pregnant with his brother.

But the best story of all was the story W told us (notice how it's all boys??) about when his mom was pregnant with his brother (yes, the same mean mom). Apparently, if W wanted candy and his mom wouldn't give it to him, he'd talk to his mom's stomach and tell the baby and the baby would start kicking. But not just kicking - also pulling on the mom's bellybutton from the inside!!! Then when he got the candy, he'd talk to the baby again and say he could stop kicking now and the baby would.

Crazy? Yes. Bizarre? Yes. But that's why I love these kids


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WOW oh WOW I bellowed. I guffawed. I chortled. I howled. Everytime these kids drive you crazy remember times like these!Mimi