Wednesday, February 15, 2012


My birthday happens to be on Valentine's Day, which means the world celebrates my birthday. I think that's kind of nice :)

Since Valentine's Day was yesterday, and it's a time to show those you love, that you love them, I decided to make cupcakes for my coworkers and bring them in Monday. It's even complete with Andy's Granny's frosting recipe! The first time I tried to make the frosting, I cooked it (yes cook...this is an old-fashioned recipe friends!) too fast and it got lumpy and gross. But after talking with Andy's mom, I realized my errors and set out to fix it. Success!! You can see below in the picture that I got it smooth! Hooray! They were a hit and I felt like a hero for mastering this PHENOMENAL frosting recipe. Seriously, it's divine!

Then yesterday came...the best day ever! As you can see from my loot, Andy treated me fabulously! I got the OBowl which divides your cereal and milk and keeps your cereal from getting soggy, candy, gum, Mr. Pricklepants figure for my desk at work (I just love that little Toy Story character!!!), and a voucher to see the Vow with Andy - but only once :) We're booked up the rest of this week, but I plan to redeem that as quick as possible! Oh, and not in the picture, but still very exciting - Andy got me and my friend tickets for Mandisa when she comes in town in April! Then my brother-in-law's girlfriend (who I happen to love and work with!) surprised me at work with birthday balloons and flowers! Gerbera daisies at that! So lovely. And the birthday extravaganza ended with the hubs and I getting all gussied up and heading to a fantastic Italian restaurant and then heading home to fall asleep to a movie (or maybe just I fell asleep).

Thank you Andy for making yesterday and every day wonderful! I love you tremendously! Hope everyone else had a fantastic day spending it with those you love!


Shannon said...

Yay!!!!! I'm so happy your birthday was so great!!!!!