Friday, February 10, 2012

The theme for Reed's room will be Peanuts...and since people think it's weird we're decorating the room with peanuts, let me clarify. We're doing a Snoopy/Charlie Brown Peanuts room :) Yes, we really have had people ask, so there you go.

I thought I'd share some of the things that we're thinking about for Reed's room. The idea is to have it be abstract enough that we can easily change things out as Reed grows without constantly redoing a room, but have it be clear enough to have a legitimate theme. Let me know your thoughts!

This fabulous light is from IKEA and we're thinking about having the table top version of this in the room...I always think of Snoopy on his doghouse with the clouds above. So this wouldn't be the main lighting but would be fun for on top of a dresser

Comic strips, as well as large pictures of the characters, will be framed and hung throughout the room. We can switch them out with other comic strips as we choose or whatever.

This is the fabric we'll use for the bedding. A sweet friend from church is making the bedding for no cost other than just purchasing the fabric! So excited! The crib skirt will be this, and the bumper will be this on one side and a solid color on the other.

Also, I'm thinking of doing a black or yellow rug like this to represent more Charlie Brown.

In addition, we're having the dresser my grandfather made for my mom when she was little fixed up and it'll be in the nursery. I had it in my room as a child, and now Reed will too! I think the drawer pulls will be footballs to represent the Lucy/Charlie struggle with that ever elusive football. Last, Andy is going to build a small doghouse that will have stuffed Snoopy on top. This way Reed has something built by his Daddy, plus we can't do this theme without Snoopy's doghouse!

So what do you think...does it make sense? I'm so excited to move now (1 1/2 weeks) so that we can start working on his nursery!