Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cannot exceed 24 hours

My friend Becca posted yesterday on managing your time and included a link to this site where you can, at the bottom, click on a link to create your own graph of how you spend your time. I chose a Wednesday, because that's my busiest day normally. However, I also did this one for every other day of the work week.

Both times, I was told to enter amounts that didn't exceed 24 hours! Checking email is combined both work and home emails. On the every other day chart, I didn't even put eating because there was no room. Looking back, I could have entered things differently. Generally speaking though, this is a good synopsis of my life. Basically, at the end of the day this showed me two things: I don't like working full-time, because it sucks up most of my time, and I don't get enough sleep...ok, so maybe it showed me 3 things. I really am as busy as I think.

But it also got me thinking. How can I better spend my time? Are there things I can change? How can I add in more "fun" stuff? Sure, it seems like I have no time to spare, but surely I now I add to my to-do list: find/create the time to relax!


Shannon said...

When you figure out how to add more fun stuff, let me know!