Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Normal" pain

So lately I've had pregnancy related pain. Since I hate going to the doctor, and would rather let it see how it all works out, I went to trusty google. I searched the preggo pains and of course the answers ranged from it's normal to you're in labor with a 400 pound baby and then somewhere in between were the sane answers :)

I waited a week. The pain didn't get worse, but didn't improve so I called the doctor yesterday. They had me come in, but didn't seem concerned so I left work a bit early and headed in. (Side note: apparently the old ladies go in the afternoon - I never knew this because I always go in when they open)

I found out I did pass the glucose test I had last week, and that they're still ok with my weight gain. Then the doc came in and measured me. and measured again. and measured one more time. Then she said, you're measuring big. I proceeded to let her know that I was a big baby, as was the hubs, so I was fully expecting to deliver a bigger baby. She then looked at me and said "well this one is looking like a biggin"...I will admit, after that statement I didn't have the courage to ask just how big I was measuring.

All that to say, my pains are "normal" and it's all because I've got a hefty baby on the way :) We'll see if he continues to be "a biggin" or if he levels out in a few weeks. I must say though, that if he's big it'll make me feel a bit better because lately I've been feeling huger than a house!!


Annie said...

lol... 400 pound baby. you are too funny. I can't believe that we are old enough to have children! Weren't we in 5th grade Bible Drill the other day showing off our beanie baby collection?!! (and for some reason the only other thing i remember about bible drill was someone telling me my dress was the same exact fabric that was on her bed). lol.

Happy for you, Rachel!!

Rachel said...

LOL! I so remember us comparing beanie baby collections! How funny! It's absurd to me that we're old enough to be married let alone having babies...time flies!