Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Lately...I've been exhausted because Reed is deciding Chuck Norris is his hero and is trying to perfect the moves

Lately...I've been incredibly disciplined and still have about half the box of Thin Mints left that I purchased 3 weeks ago!!

Lately...Andy has been gone overnight more than I can remember him ever being. First it was the 24 hour Extra Disney Day, then it was the Youth Pastor's conference, and now it's our annual Spring Break all-nighter with the students (Night of Awesome!). I sure miss him when he's not there, but these days you'd be extra hard pressed to get me to stay up 24 hours!

Lately...we've been using our belgian waffle maker that I got for Christmas - a lot!! It's been awesome. I'm even going early tomorrow morning up to church to wrap up Night of Awesome with waffles for breakfast :)