Friday, April 27, 2012

I ran

Yes, you read that the past 4 days I've run twice. Why? Well, I'm so glad you asked! (DO NOT READ IF BUGS CREEP YOU OUT)

Apparently, our building has become the host home of roaches. And I don't mean the innocent German cockroaches that are less than an inch and tiny. I mean the honkin' Florida-sized Palmetto bugs that can run fast, have wings, and are about 3 inches big on average! YUCK!!!!

Tuesday, I went to turn on the water in the kitchen sink in our office. And lo and behold Mr. Grossness came UP from the drain and stared straight into my soul. So what did I do? Well, as a 32 week pregnant lady who hates bugs even when she's not pregnant I did the logical thing - I screamed, then squealed, then did a combo of those two and ran out of the kitchen and down the hall!! I mean, did you expect me to kill it?!? Thankfully, my coworker came to the rescue and killed it.

Then today, my boss had one in her office. I also saw that one and did the same exact thing - I ran. I'm talking ran like 50 Amazon warriors were after me trying to kill me. Ran like a herd of lions were about to devour me. I ran!

This is the way my week has been. Full of unpredictability, and grossness. But the good news is that today is Friday and I don't have to worry about seeing this little demons until Monday! I hope you all have a bug-free weekend!!