Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Life in numbers

50 days until Reed's due date
4 days until my next shower
7 weeks before the nursery needs to be done for Reed's arrival
3.5 weeks until I get to see some of our dearest friends (and go to Epcot 36 weeks preggo!)
3 hours of sleep is what I'm averaging each night
30 minute increments of sleeps that is, spread out over the entire night
3 more biweekly staff meetings to attend before Reed comes
130 ounces of water is what I drink on average each day these days
2 miles averaged walking each day - not too shabby
70 ish stairs are what I walk up and down each day
56 thank you's to still write from the shower this past Saturday
8 hours until this work day ends and I can go home and do nothing but watch a movie with my hubby!