Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cancer sucks!

I hate cancer. Doesn't everyone? But seriously, if there is one thing that is in this world as a result of sin that I abhor most right now, it's probably cancer. And I don't mean a result of a person's sin as in "they sinned so God gave them cancer." I mean a result of the first sin by Adam and Eve and all the sin that still exists today.

As most everyone these days can, I can think of so many friends and acquaintances who have lost loved ones to cancer. I can think of numerous survivors of cancer too! But specifically today, my heart is heavy for these two...Trey and Lucy

Lucy I only know about through following her blog. Lucy's cancer has returned and the outcome is bleak. It seems to be a matter of time, unless God chooses to miraculously heal. My heart breaks for this family that I don't know, and especially for Lucy's siblings - one a few years older (9 I think?) and a little brother who won't really understand what's going on for some time yet.

Trey I know personally. Trey is 15 and battling adult pancreatic cancer. By adult, I mean usually 60+ year old men are the ones who get this cancer - never 15 year old healthy high school football stars. I know Trey and his family through the church that my husband and I met at. They're a phenomenal family, and their faith and character throughout this journey cannot be accurately applauded in words. Trey has had the chance to share his faith with numerous people including athletes (college and NBA) and coaches for some of his favorite teams. Thanks to his high school friends starting the twitter hashtag #prayfortrey, Trey's tweets and story have been shared thousands and thousands of times in a variety of ways. Trey has been given at most until December. He will most likely die of liver failure. This is what St Jude told his parents yesterday.

We know that God is bigger. God is bigger than cancer, but sometimes His "bigger"  involves allowing cancer to take a life so that His story of salvation can be shared. So I ask and implore you, please pray for the Krull family and the Erwin family as they have a hard road ahead of them. Both of these families have chosen to cling all the tighter to their Savior during this journey, and their testimonies are outstanding. I pray I never walk this path myself, but if I have to, that I have the faith of these dear ones.