Monday, June 11, 2012

I'mma let ya finish but...

Remember that moment from the VMA's several years ago when Kanye West rudely interrupted Taylor Swift and said I'mma let ya finish but...and then went on to say in essence that Beyonce's video was better?

Well, I feel like as I enter the last few days of pregnancy, I'm surrounded by my own ignorant Kanye's. The people that say "I don't mean to be rude but..." or "Don't take this the wrong way, but". Seriously, people. Yes, my stomach is large - because there's a SMALL HUMAN in there! You carry extra weight around your middle but I don't ask you how you're still standing. I'm standing the same way you're standing - on my feet. Don't tell me to waddle on over to your register for check out. Don't assume that Publix, Walmart, or any other store is my dream location to have a baby which is what your comments of "don't have the baby here" imply.
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On a different note, Reed - you can come out now! I'm so ready to meet you and to see your little face, and hands, and toes. To see what color hair you have - or if you have hair yet. Will you have matching blue eyes like your Daddy and I have? I can't wait to hold you and rock you to sleep. Sure, labor won't be pretty and I'm kinda really not looking forward to it - but you're on the other side of that and you're so worth it! You're worth all the weight gain, pain, dumb comments from people, and every other wackadoo thing about pregnancy! So come on buddy. I know the due date is still 9 days away, and you're probably a rule follower like your Daddy, but please oh please come early! Today's a good day :)


Annie said...

oh my word!!! why are people so stupid?! goodness!

Well I'll be praying he comes soon girl!!! I'll also pray that it is a quick and painless labor!

Rachel said...

Thanks Annie!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm....can I say pay back time..hehe...people made the same dumb comments about me when you were my little human! mommie