Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A day in the life...

Emily and Annie inspired here's a day in my life.

5:45am - alarm goes off. Reset alarm to go off at 6am
6:00am - wake up, read my Bible while still in bed
6:15am - take shower and get ready for work; if I have time I switch the laundry/start a load
6:50am - get the cooler pack ready and bottles packed
   **Reed prefers his bottles cold which makes things super easy!
7:00am - pack my lunch for the day and make my SlimFast smoothie
    **Usually tuna salad and wheat thins, a sandwich, or leftovers
7:15am - leave for work
7:55am - walk 1/2 mile from the Park N Ride lot on campus to my office
8:00am - turn on my little fan in the office to cool off, turn on my Scentsy warmer, and get to work
     **I'm an administrative assistant for 14 people
12:00pm - lunch break
12:40pm - back to work for the remainder of the day
3:50pm - create a to-do list for work tomorrow and pack up
4:00pm - bolt out the door to go pick up Reed from daycare
   **Andy drops him off in the morning
4:06pm - arrive at my car after walking 1/2 mile to get there
4:30pm - pick up Reed from his class and give him lots of snuggles!
4:40pm - head home to get another bottle and change clothes before church (other days we'll go swimming, have dinner with family, go shopping, or just stay home (but that's rare))
5:00pm - change clothes, pack bottle, and play with Reed for a bit.
5:30pm - pack Reed into the carseat and get ready to head to church
5:45pm - get to church and meet up with Andy
6:30pm - Spotlight (the student's Wednesday night group) begins
7:15pm - Reed starts crying during the middle of Andy teaching, so I fix up the bottle to feed him
7:35pm - Spotlight ends, and I hang out with the students for a few minutes
7:45pm - leave church
8:10pm - arrive at home; play with Reed, make sure the diaper bag is packed and ready to go in the morning, and switch laundry, wipe down kitchen, and maybe vacuum
8:40pm - start making dinner for Andy and I (tonight is Pigs in a Sleeping Bag)
9:00pm - Andy gets home and we eat while Reed swings
9:20pm - Reed gets his final botttle (only 4 oz instead of the normal 6oz)
9:40pm - Change Reed into PJ's and sing to him
9:50pm - Reed's in bed
10:00pm - Andy and I curl up to watch an episode of Boy Meets World :)
10:30pm - get ready for bed and crash


Annie said...

busy day!!! I can tell you are so in love with your little guy! :) so sweet!! love to hear mommas talk about their babies!