Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I'm having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit. Normally, I'd already have our tree up, the decorations out, and the house would be filled with the smell of cinnamon and cookies. Instead, our house looks like a war zone, I'm exhausted and drained of all energy every day, and we have mounds of boxes, goodwill bags and laundry scattered about.

It's hit me this morning that I have 3 weeks left of work and 4 weeks left until Christmas and 5 weeks until I'm a TN resident again. Don't get me wrong - I'm still thrilled that we're moving. I just hate moving. I'm ready for roots. To be settled. To have everything signed so we actually have a place to move too (Nope we don't have a new place yet...we know where we want to live, but we're still waiting on the paperwork to come so we can sign and send back) So we'll put up the tree at some point, but most of the decorations will stay packed away until next year. And cookies might not get made. And boxes will continue to abound. And my house will stay a wreck for a month. And then I'll unpack it all.

On the bright side, I'm only lacking gifts for 4 people - not too shabby! And 2 of those people I already know what we're getting, it's just a matter of getting. So while I may feel a little Grinch-like, I'm trying to be excited.