Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Several thoughts

1) It's exciting to finally be up on the mountain top and to look back at the valley and praise God for never leaving us!

2) God is sovereign - before the election, post election, every day. And for those of you who think God has turned his back on this nation, just remember that if we're His, then He never turns his back on us. So continue to pray for this nation and for our leaders - all of them.

3) This week is full of sickness - Little Guy has brochiolitis (bronchitis but in the tiny bronchioles), Andy just got over food poisoning, and I've got cold sinus junk. Whoo-hoo! Not.

4) I'm ready for routine to hit. I thrive on routine; I must get it back at any cost! Otherwise insanity will set in and the crazed, frizzy haired, bloodshot eyes look isn't a good one for me!


Annie said...

LOL. that picture is funny. I agree. LOVE a schedule :)

Anonymous said...

That picture is so funny because you love post-its. and the pacifier strap! :)