Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Red Stamp

Ok, so if you know me, you know I'm not a techie person. I think I've added 3 apps to my iphone and Andy added the rest. And those three were so I could get craft coupons (Joann's and Hobby Lobby), or mobile coupons (Target). Andy gives me a "tip of the week" each week so I'll learn how to use my phone for real. I'm not really adventurous with technology is what I'm saying

Well, add another app to the list I added myself!!!! It's called Red Stamp and it allows you to create digital thank you notes, announcements, etc. Bascially, it has neat templates and then you get to write a message and add a picture to make it personal. No more cheesy cards, no more trying to send a thank you card for every little thing! Instead, take a picture of what you bought with that gift card - you drinking Starbucks, the new scarf from Target, etc - and insert it and send!

You can send it as a text message, email, save to your photos, and share on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (if you want to send it out to a mass of people)! You can take a photo right then, insert one from your camera roll, or insert from Instagram. AND IT'S FREE!!!!!

So go, go now, search in the app store and upload this genius app. And then send someone a thank you card, a "how ya doing" card, or whatever you want! What a great way and quick way to let someone know you care!!