Thursday, March 21, 2013


Joel probably isn't a book of the Bible you've poured over. Maybe it is, but if not its one you should read. In Joel 1, there is destruction promised to Israel including like 6 different kinds of locusts coming down and going crazy. But then! In chapter 2, God promises restoration and specifically restoring "the years the locusts have eaten".

The past 4 years for Andy and I were tough. Like made us want to quit ministry tough. We knew God was using it. He definitely taught us a lot about ourselves, ministry, people. It was much needed, but we were in serious drought. The locusts were coming at us from every angle. But then...

God finally called them off! He moved us away from any family, away from Andy's comfort zone, away from familiarity of any kind. He moved us to a place with a great church, great family friendly places, and great people! And it has been just what we needed! He is indeed restoring the years the locusts have eaten!!!

Like tonight, a senior adult couple from our church invited us over for dinner. I'm peopled out this week. I'm ready for peace & quiet and to just be home. But twice they've invited us over and it didn't work. Tonight was the night. We only know this couple vaguely - they sit a row or two behind us in church. So we went.

They watch their 6.5 month old grandson 3 days a week and so they had everything Reed could want! They fixed delicious food and we had a great time. She raised 3 boys so she had fun joking back and forth with Andy. It was wonderful! And best if all (to me) she collects cookbooks !!! Like has over 3 giant bookshelves dedicated to cookbooks! Like has all the southern living annual cook books dating back at least to 1971! She let me borrow one and y'all - it's marked up and post it noted!

As we were about to leave, Mr. Roger told Andy they wanted us over because they knew we moved here away from family and they wanted us to know we had people who cared nearby. I mean seriously!?!? Talk about precious! And that's what I mean-God is restoring the years!!

So if you're going through a tough drought, If you just see destruction and frustration...remember that God is faithful and He is using this in some amazing way! Just be patient. The locusts will leave and God will restore the years. And maybe he'll let you meet the coolest 70 year old couple in the process :)