Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Real Beauty

You're familiar with Dove's true beauty campaign most likely. Andy just showed me this video though (click on the image) and MAN! It's some powerful stuff! Thanks to Andy, I'm now playing around with this idea in regards to a girls event in the fall for our middle school ministry.

I started thinking about how I would describe myself...30 lbs too heavy, frizzy hair, big nose, crooked smile. But really, I kind of like my curly hair, I've been told my smile brightens a room, my nose - well it is what it is, and I'm losing weight. I'm not so bad, but isn't that our first inclination? Go towards the negative when describing ourselves? But how do others perceive us? More importantly, look at how God perceives us...made in His image, unworthy yet so loved He sacrificed his Son for us.


Emily said...

Brought me to tears. Thanks for sharing

Amy Lou Who said...

Love that idea for a conference. Love the Dove commercial. So thankful God sees us the way He does, and not how we see ourselves.