Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dream vs reality

Life is funny. I had a good day today being all creative while Reed was at MDO and I wasn't at work. But then Reed came home and was fussy and we are on day 2 of not liking mommy. Daddy Days are in full swing - he hung the moon :) And I forgot for a bit just how good my day had been. 

It's easy for me to have a dream or concept of what my day will look like. And I get frustrated when it doesn't go as planned. But that's life. Not in a depressing Debbie downer way, but it's in those moments-the unplanned, good or bad moments- that life happens!

Seize the good moments of life; laugh at the bad; make jokes of the terrible (I've had some great one liners with friends recently regarding Stephen) and live life. We only get one.

Ill leave you with this. Today I baked...cupcakes with homemade strawberry buttercream frosting. I have a couple of old student ministry gals I follow on Instagram. They're cute newlyweds who bake and take adorable photos of their meals staged oh so perfectly. So in honor of them, I did the same with my cupcakes.

 Not more than 10 minutes later, this happened! Ha ha ha ha! Life is grand.