Monday, August 26, 2013


I haven't blogged hardly at all in months and months! Life is crazy with Reed, moving, getting our first home, camp, my brothers funeral, and trying to get into a routine. In the midst of it, many times I wonder and worry if I'm enough. Am I cleaning enough, enjoying the little moments enough, fixing enough healthy food, loving Andy enough, loving Reed enough, teaching Reed enough, creative enough, spiritual I enough? 

I cried. Maybe it's the sinus infection I have, or the Monday blues, or just that it's exactly what God wanted me to hear but I sobbed and Reed came over to comfort. (I adore his love & compassion for loved ones & the hurting!!)

Then God spoke in his quiet voice. You are not enough. You will never be enough. You aren't supposed to be! I am. I am enough my child. I can love Andy enough. I can love Reed enough. I can be enough for everyone. You don't have to be. You simply have to rest in me. 

So on this Monday when boxes still need unpacking, laundry needs to folded, I can barely breathe through my stuffy nose, Reed only wants Daddy who's at work, and I feel exhausted...I will simply do what I can. Because at the end of my life (or shoot, just today) I want people to see Jesus. Not a clean house, sweet kid, perfect marriage, tasty food or anything else. Just Jesus. He is enough!