Saturday, December 28, 2013

All in a year

This time last year we were moving our life to Chattanooga, hoping and praying that it was the start of God restoring the previous several years. In the course of that move we saw one of our cars destroyed thanks to a faulty rented car trailer, dealt with moving into our apartment on a holiday weekend only to learn our water had been shut off bc of the previous renter, and experienced God's favor by remaining safe, sheltered and loved on by our new church family! 

We've had a crazy year going from 2 cars to 1 car back to 2 cars, moving into our apartment to then, 6 months later, moving into our very own home, celebrating Reeds first birthday, losing my brother, a family friend & my aunt - all within a month, and so much more.

We've witnessed Reed master climbing stairs, taking his first steps, being dedicated, receiving his first haircut, celebrating his first Easter, learning to talk, mastering how to give hugs, starting "school" and making new friends!

Andy and I have made new friends too! You don't realize how difficult life can be without friends until you are forced to try it. It's terrible and lonely. And God saw fit to heal that. He's provided friend after friend, couples & individuals, for Andy & I to invite over for dinner, commiserate with, laugh with, eat with, drop in on, trick or treat with, and just live life! We have people who volunteer to babysit so we can have date nights and we have people that ask us to join them for double dates! All things we didn't know we longed for - but that God was already orchestrating! 

Our ministry has blossomed and the things we longed for are taking place! We have incredible students who have a heart for God & for others. Words truly can't express how much love we have for our students!!!!

2013 was incredibly overwhelming, sad, healing and exciting! It was a dichotomy of emotions - for every grief there was grace, every sorrow was followed by joy, every heartache was overshadowed by Gods favor!!

 I can't wait to see what 2014 has in store!!

Habakkuk 3:17-19
Isaiah 61:1-3