Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Duck Dynasty hoopla

So there's a lot of discussion suddenly over a duck dynasty guy calling homosexuality a sin in GQ. Here are my thoughts:

1) why have we cared so much about this show to begin with?? Just because they are "Christians" and moral, we've suddenly become obsessed! I put Christian in quotes because they are Church of Christ which automatically puts red flags in my mind how how scripturally sound their beliefs really are. This show is scripted and manicured so much that it's simply a moral version of all other reality tv. 

2) it's (mostly) great that he's used his platform instead of shying away from it. 

3) just because we can doesn't mean we should. Perhaps there are times when we do not need to be bold and brazen and instead show we are different by our love.

4) it seems a bit of a plank and speck situation. Excuse me while I step up on my soap box but perhaps they should be more concerned by the fact that they're endorsing lottery tickets by plastering their names on it (thus perpetuating a wealth of problems and issues - especially in more low income & rural areas )and less worried at the moment about speaking out on racial, homosexual or beastiality issues. 

5) I'm not sure why people are surprised that an old, country white guy who goes to church regularly would have such strong Christian beliefs. To continue the stereotype of themselves they have endorsed it is only logical to surmise his and his family's stance on current political ideologies. My guess is he also didn't vote for Obama and is pro-life. It shouldn't be a surprise to the media, GLADD, or anyone else. 

I realize these opinions may not be wildly popular, however I'm laying them out here. It all seems quite silly - the saying it and the backlash. We're all jacked up sinners in need of a Savior. Let's love like He first loved us.


Amy Lou Who said...

Preach it sista! Good stuff there