Thursday, November 28, 2013


Happy thanksgiving! In no particular order, here's a mere 28 things (big & small) I'm thankful for on this 28th of November...the list could go on!

1) Jesus!!! 
2) His salvation
3)Andy... he is truly the greatest husband and I'm so thankful God blessed me with him
4) Reed!! I never knew I could love a child so much
5) family - parents, in laws, the whole gang. Thinking of my brother too (it'll be weird without him)
6) our firepit
7) our home
8) our church!! God is restoring the years more abundantly that I ever dreamed!!!
9) friends - new and old.
10) my pillow
11) our Christmas decorations
12) my truck!
13) heat & air
14) toothpaste & toothbrushes - imagine how rank all our breath would be without it!!!
15) chocolate
16) crunchy Cheetos
17) music
18) ability to see & hear
19) sweatshirts
20) middle school kids 
21) being in ministry at church
22) my ability to bake and cook
23) Starbucks - specifically their peppermint white chocolate mocha frappucino
24) hugs
25) sleep
26) sunrises
27) playgrounds - this is only on my list since Reed :) but man they're great!
28) my smartphone... Which allows me to do so much - like post this blog while my boys sleep in!! 

Happy Thanksgiving y'all!! Count your many blessings. Name them one by one. Count your many blessings. See what God has done! 


Shelby said...

Wait! You have a truck?!?!?! Gotta go stalk your pics to see if there are any of it.

That is too cool.