Monday, November 18, 2013

Dear 3pm

Dear 3pm,

I hate you. You steal my energy each and every day. You give me the munchies for things like Little Debbie Christmas trees and crunchy Cheetos. You laugh at those last 3 things on the to-do list and say "yeah, right". You are when I realize each day that my back hurts from bending over to pick up toys for the 30th time that day. You remind me of the additional 6 things that needed to be on my to-do list. Sometimes you even stoop so low (like today) and encourage babies to resist naptime. are miserable. 


The Early Bird aka The Morning Person aka The Mom Who Has Been Up Since 5:30


jeanne said...

Oh dear....oh the joys of motherhood when you're too exhausted to feel it!! Love you!! It's all so true but looking in that little sweet face is Soooooo worth it. Just keep telling yourself that!!