Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Today I'm thankful for...

1. I can feel my rib cage. Not in a creepy protruding bc I need to eat kind of way, but in a I'm finally seeing myself getting to where I need to be health wise way! 

2. I can consistently take pictures without a double chin making an appearance 

3. My son loves to watch the Aristocats with me

4. Chocolate covered gummy bears

5. Starbucks gift cards (always the perfect gift for me!)

6. Pinterest. Found some fun ideas for the 5th annual Schelb Oscar Party!! 

7. My son loves to dance, especially to jazz and it's adorable!!! 

(Mid dance)

Pretty shallow right? But it's ok, because it's a starting point towards being thankful for everything. I'm a realist & a melancholy introvert. Combine the two and I usually spot the negative first especially when I'm people-ed out. And boy am I! It's been a long couple weeks and will continue to be. I'm weary and spent; but I'm learning to be grateful. It doesn't matter if they're silly shallow things or deep & meaningful. What matters is that I realize that everything big or small is a gift from God. I have more than I ever need and so for that I'm thankful! And today that looks like eating chocolate gummy bears and dancing to Aristocats 😀