Wednesday, March 5, 2014

something amazing

"What're you waiting for? I dunno! Something amazing I guess!"

This is a quote from The Incredibles. As I watched it last night with my kiddo, this quote stuck out to me. Maybe it's because I often find myself living life like this. I wait for something...the house to be clean, my mental to-do list completed, enough money in the bank, whatever...and I don't know what I'm waiting for- just something amazing I guess!

But parenting isn't really about any one amazing thing is it? Because once the diapers are all changed, potty training begins, then homework, then teaching them to drive, then college, then planning a wedding, then loving your child's child, etc. 

No the amazing things aren't massive at all. In fact, they're rather easy to miss. The unexpected slobbery kiss, hearing him greet me with "good morning", finally figuring out how to twirl the whirly pop handle because he loves helping mommy make popcorn, running to me with a book wanting to read it to me - these are my something amazing in parenting.

There are days when I think it'll be amazing when I don't have a rugrat and instead have a school-age kid. There are days, if I'm being honest, I can't wait to be an empty-nester. But then I ask myself, "what am I waiting for?" I have an incredible husband, a beautiful home, a full pantry, an amazing son, and many more blessings. I don't need to wait for anything because if I look around my life is something amazing, I guess.