Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Crazy Schedules = Faithfulness

Sometimes life kicks you in the tail. This has been March. It's been full of traveling (read quick trips that last less than 24 hours in the "final destination"), meetings of all varieties, new opportunities, late nights, baking - you name it, it's probably been on March's to-do list. And I'm tired. April, for now, only has a couple things on the calendar and I hope to keep it that way!

The one thing I keep thinking though is what all this busyness translates into - friendships. For years, Andy and I have longed for friendships! We've longed for drop-in friends, go out to dinner friends, girls night out friends, guys night out friends - you know, good, quality, livin-life-together friends. That's not to say we didn't have some in Florida. We did, and those couple of people we clung to for dear life. But now! Now we see the Lord's faithfulness in providing us sweet friendships and restoring the years the locusts have eaten! (Joel 1 & 2 if you don't understand the reference)

Maybe you're in the desert right now without a person to text randomly in the morning where the entire conversation consists solely of dumb #hashtags. Maybe you don't have someone who texts you out of the blue just to say hey. Maybe you don't have the friends who can commiserate about your financial situation and then remind you that people don't look at your bank account and instead see a couple in love, a family that is God-honoring, and a home full of love and laughter. Maybe, just maybe, you're beginning to give up hope that these friendships could even exist because you've been friend-less for so long.

Don't give up! For years, we have prayed and it's amazing to see God answering with friend after friend that meets our longings! Pray! Cry out to God and tell Him the desires of His heart. He is faithful!! So as I'm busy and tired and juggling my schedule, I'm also thankful. Because my crazy schedule means I have friends. My crazy schedule is a testimony of God's unfailing love.