Thursday, August 13, 2009


So...I'm not one who is known for being overtly political, though I do see the need for expressing one's opinions to the government. Today...actually early tomorrow, I wrote a letter to my congressmen [2 senators and a representative] expressing my personal opinions about this healthcare debate. While I feel free to disclose my opinions, it's also within my right to withhold them also. I'll give you an excerpt though...

"I'd also like to say that the way to make change is not by causing a loud uproar, being obnoxious in a meeting, or yelling in someone's face. These actions are deplorable and I find them distracting our country from having a civilized debate about the topic.

I am very passionate about this issue as I have never had an issue that has made me want to write a congressman before. I appreciate your consideration of my opinion. I know many others who feel as strongly as I do. I'll try and urge them to share their concern with you as well."

I urge you to use the forms available to make your voice heard. I feel very proud to have voiced my opinion, though it might only be logged in a chart on a graph somewhere in the basement, I feel like a patriot! I think it's important to get your voice heard whether you agree or disagree with my views. The great thing is that America is truly a "melting pot," and that continues to make her a great nation.

It's pretty easy to do. Just go to or and enter your zip code to find your senator or representative. I hope you'll think about voicing your opinion.

UPDATE 8.13 9.30 PM Aparrently the site was flooded yesterday with emails. Here's a news article about it.