Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ok, so I just deleted a post for the first time. It came to my attention that it could be bad if a person from work saw it. I love my job and wouldn't want to do anything to damage my employment there, so with a click of the button, its as if I never said anything. However, I still feel strongly about what I posted, so instead here's a list of my top ten pet peeves.

If you didn't read it earlier, can you guess which pet peeve I wrote about?

In no particular order...other than being the top 10
1) people making out in public
2) people not accelerating on the on ramp
3) people not being held accountable for their actions
4) people using sarcasm and jokes to express their true feelings
5) people braking at an interesection if the light is green
6) people talking during a program (church service, play, etc.)
7) crumbs...you know when you walk barefoot on a kitchen floor and you feel the crumbs. Ugh!
8) tennis shoes with bermuda shorts
9) excessive cleavage
10) soap scum...our apartment has the hardest water in the world making living without soap scum impossible


Anonymous said...

#3 or #9,,,I'm going with #9
It seems to be so prevelant these days. They are everywhere,,,ya' know what I mean??