Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Why is it I can't write (papers, my new book, etc.) anywhere except Starbucks or Panera? Seriously. I even struggle writing blogs at home...I'm currently typing away at a new Starbucks I discovered - next door to a Panera! In college, I would go to Starbucks, and although I didn't own a laptop until just a few months ago (a hand-me-down from Andy), I would write out a detailed outline and do my references, etc on paper while at Starbucks between classes. Is this strange to anyone but me??

Anyway, that was an aside to the actual blog.

I think I now fall into the category of "Woman" in the term of being 23 years old, married, etc. I still feel like a little kid. OK, so not little but freshman in college age. Will I grow out of this and what will it take? The reason I'm wondering is because lately I've been intensely pursuing of my passion - speaking to the female persuasion. I phrase it like that because, to date, I have only really spoken to middle and high school age girls and not older women. However, some of the potential opportunities for me would be geared more at speaking to women.

I feel very comfortable teaching "teen girl" topics such as dating, God's view on school, purity, etc. I struggle to think of more age appropriate topics for women, both my age and older. Thoughts or ideas? I know some things I deal with are envy (for me house envy these days), worry, and finding a balance. These three topics are going to develop into Bible studies I write in the near future. But what else? What topics would you want to hear about? And would someone in their 40's and 50's listen to a 20-something teach?


Ivanka said...

Everyone has their special spot to write. When I was working on my old book my special place was the library.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think we (40/50 yo's) will listen to a 20-something teach. Teach from God's word and your heart and I'll listen.