Tuesday, January 19, 2010

10 Things Tuesday...

1) I got 2 quarts of free strawberries today from work and they're delish! I even made homemade strawberry shortcake tonight to celebrate!

2) Today I discovered that my beloved denim jacket has a hole in the left elbow, and is working very hard on getting a matching one on the right elbow. Boo!

3) My many years of bulletin board decorating with Candace for Bellevue's student ministry has paid off - especially today when I decorated our office's board with the theme "What's cookin' at CARD". So fun to decorate the board in a cooking theme.

4) I ran 2 miles solid yesterday and I'm so thrilled about that!!

5) I've been consistent with eating healthy since December 28th and its the first time I've made it this long without freaking out!

6) My secret desire is to be on Wheel of Fortune, but I'd be too scared to ever even try out.

7) I really want to go to Memphis for a visit...its been almost a year since I've seen most of my friends!!

8) I only watch American Idol while they're doing the auditions...so tonight is bliss :)

9) The American Express commercials with the "smiles" found in everyday items makes my heart happy!

10) It's way harder coming up with 10 things than I thought it'd be!!!


hippie mommie said...

I love those "smile" commercials!! William always fast forwards thru commercials, and he gets so frustrated with me for playing those, but I just *have* to see them! Smiles are contagious!

Candace said...

oh how I loved our student worker days!