Monday, January 18, 2010

I am starting this week doing Mystery Post Monday. My fellow blogger, Rachel, came up with this idea. Every monday she answers a question that is chosen at random. As you can see, today's question is what is your favorite article of clothing that you simply can't live without.

My answer, hands down, is my white 'wife beater' style tank top. I wear it as a cami, with a simple skirt and my denim jacket, with jeans, etc. This is definitely my staple wardrobe item. Although they can be purchased in the girls section for about $10 a pop, I typically just buy them in the guys undershirt department - 3 for $6!!! In fact, this reminds me, I need to get another pack! Haha. Only while writing this have I determined how obsessed I am with the white tank top.

So what's your must have wardrobe item?


Crystal said...

a sweater, right now it is a grey zip up, but I'm not that particular, I have a brown one too. My office is always so cold, in winter, and summer.
Can't live without it.

hippie mommie said...

Don't even have to think twice about it. My cowboy boots. I sometimes catch myself putting things back while shopping, if I don't think they'll work with my cowboy boots. :)