Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I just saw a commercial for scientology. It sucked me in. The gist of the commercial was this....You are not your name, your fears or your past. You are hope. You are imagination. You can overcome your adversity. (Here's the link to the actual commercial)

It was intriguing to me. So much truth in the commercial. We are not merely our name, our job, our past. We are often hope to someone else. We've been blessed with incredible imaginations. We can overcome the pain in our lives. We as humans are resilient! We are survivors!

But we can only truly escape our past through salvation in Christ. We can only overcome the pain in our life through the help of Jesus. We can only rise again, for eternity, through salvation through Jesus Christ.

Too bad Scientology doesn't include this in their commercial. Too bad so many people will miss the omission of the full truth in this heartwarming commercial.