Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lately I've been thinking of redecorating. All of our furniture is hand-me-down, which I'm ok with, since I really love most of them - especially our red couch! However, I'd like to start making our place more "homey" without going overboard on spending. In other words, I'd like to stop making what we have work, and start decorating and creating my ideal home.

This is where I need your help! Where do you buy your furniture? Specifically, I'm looking for a good "coffeehouse style" chair, a bench of some sort for the end our our bed, and a new coffee table. Have you ever fixed up pieces you found at garage sales/thrift stores? How'd this work for you?

I know I need curtains...currently all 7 of the windows in our apartment are naked and I hate it! I'm also wanting to get an area rug, but they all seem so expensive.

So do I just bite the bullet and pay the price? Do you have any secrets to share?


Shannon Eleece said...

Check HGTV's website and see what suggestions they have from some of their shows like "Design on a Dime". They usually have good ideas for those of us who are budget minded :)

Crystal said...

My mom loves spray paint, she will paint anything to match. My sister, has bought stuff from friends and yardsales, her house looks great.
We try outlet stores, but you have to be diligent no matter where you buy.
I'm for buy great acent pieces, good throw pillows, use Mpic print out a great pick of something you love blow it up for above the couch.
lots of picture frames of friends and family.
but other than that I have no ideas.

Maria said...

I have been thinking of this too and have looked for inspiration lots of places. I like looking at antique stores but rarely buy things. (I don't like to spend money) Once you know what you are looking for you can be looking at outlets, ebay, ikea, where ever! One site I just found from Andrea's blog (http://aapitman.blogspot.com/) was the http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/ and there are lots and lots to look at and see how- to type things.

When you do start changing be sure to take before and after pics and post them!!

p.s. sorry that was long