Monday, March 29, 2010

I want to be a better blogger - to not just have a Top Ten Tuesday blog. Unfortunately, that seems impossible these days. I find myself hurrying to work, staying late working on upcoming events, and then pouring myself into bed. Little to no exercise, pitiful eating, and poor sleep. Quite the bad combo...

However, I see the light at the end of the tunnel. One major event is out of the way; the other work events will be a piece of cake in comparison! And then, at the end of May, I will get quite possibly the sweetest reward I can think of... I get to go to Memphis! I'll get real BBQ! I'll see old and dear friends! I'll drive down Germantown Parkway and see my old apartment - the one that welcomed me into my adult life. I know things will be different, and things and people change, but just the chance to go back to Memphis after a long long year - how delightful!

So hang in there blog readers, I want write more. I will become more consistent. Just let me get through April!

Oh, and speaking of April - April is Autism Awareness Month. Do a little reading about it, learn about the Spectrum, look for ways to support LOCAL resources that are helping. I stress local, because legislators are often cutting their budgets, and then the local resources, that are helping today rather than searching for some miracle cure, are unable to be as effective. Thanks in advance for learning more about this fascinating disability; together we can change the stigma that Rain Man gave us and educate those who are misguided like Jenny McCarthy.


Crystal said...

just change 10 things Tuseday to two things tuesday.