Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ten Things Tuesday

1) I saw my first ever fight during a hockey game tonight. The players were punching each other and everything! Crazy!

2) Saturday I get to go with Andy to see Bill Cosby live. I'm so excited!

3) To prepare for Saturday, Andy and I have been watching episodes from Season 1 from the Cosby show :) Classic!

4) Sunday Andy had the privilege to baptize his first person, and it was one of our students! So very exciting to see Jenny get baptized. The best part is that Jenny accepted Christ several weeks ago because another student shared her testimony with Jenny!! So proud of my husband and his ministry!

5) Saturday I went to the Air Show at our local air force base. Andy took a group of students but I was late due to the fact that I ran a race that morning, so I had to wait in line for an hour and a half - with no sunscreen, on the tarmac. You can imagine the shades of pink my shoulders and arms are!

6) The race went ok, but I was very disappointed. I thought everyone who finished would receive a cute finishing medal - instead only the top 3 in each category got a medal. Bummer!

7) I have gone through half a bottle of aloe vera to try to prevent my sunburn from peeling...so far so good!

8) A friend of ours through some connections with his work, allowed us to borrow 2 costumes from McDonald's for the weekend - Mayor McCheese and Hamburglar! Needless to say some dressing up did occur, and pictures were taken for various promos on our weekly announcement PowerPoints in the student ministry :) I'm Hamburglar, and Andy is Mayor McCheese - here's a sample...

9) I have now been both Mrs. Potts and the Hamburglar. I'm building up quite a resume don't ya think? If my current job every fizzles out, at least I have something to fall back on.

10) Tonight I have officially registered for the Aflac Iron Girl 15k. It's an all women race taking place along the water! I'm so excited, but a 15k is a little over 9.5 miles! Here's hoping I can do it. My goal is to finish in 2 hours 20 minutes - this is pretty slow, but I also don't have much time to prepare. The race is April 10th!