Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 14: 30 days of Insight

Day 14: Name the best mashup you've ever heard.

Seeing as how I'm completely not a music, youtube, or technology-conscious person, this days' blog topic means nothing to me, and I have no answer. So instead, I'll blog about something else entirely...

I'm very super excited about the opportunities God is placing in front of me. While they don't take away the specific desires of my heart that I've been praying about for over a year, they do help make the waiting much easier!

One of these opportunities is that I'm going to start, next week, discipling a brand new Christian. It's a mom of one of our students, who accepted Christ the same night, and I'm thrilled that we've connected. I can't wait to help her explore the Bible, address questions she has, and disciple her to be a passionate follower of Christ. I'm thrilled to see how God will use Kim in amazing ways!

Also, I'm going to get to share my testimony with one of the ladies' Sunday School classes in 2 weeks; the class is taught by the pastor's wife which is a little scary, but exciting nonetheless. Who knows how God will once again use my story of His mercy!

So what's God doing in your life? How is He using you?


Maria said...

You should look up the Glee mashups. Good stuff