Tuesday, August 30, 2011


You know those people that you meet and instantly you want to be friends with them? Well Ms. Betty was one of them! I've only known her for a little under 3 years, but she impacted my life tremendously! A Sunday didn't go by that I didn't get a hug from Ms. Betty. I never heard her complain, despite her health problems. I'd ask how she was; she'd always say "I'm fine."

Last month, she went into the hospital. I started visiting with her for a few minutes before work each morning, and stopping by again after work. I'm so glad I did! I got some precious time and memories with this precious lady! I learned that she loved Wheel of Fortune, but wasn't a fan of Jeopardy because, like me, she never knew the answers :) I learned that her husband's name had been Charlie and he was why they moved to Florida. I learned about her silver Cadillac she used to drive (I never knew her when she could drive.); apparently she didn't drive bad, just fast. Her opinion was that people shouldn't play in the street so she shouldn't have to go slow in the neighborhood. Awesome lady! I learned that she loved to watch Wipeout. She told me she loved watching the people get hit; but she could never be on that show because she doesn't like getting water on her face. She LOVED her coffee, and oatmeal and mashed potatoes weren't far behind. And cake & ice cream - man she got excited when I brought her in a piece of cake one day!

After a week or so of being in the hospital, she was moved back to her assisted living apartment and given 6 months. She had been diagnosed with congestive heart failure, but she kept fighting for life. She told me numerous times during this fight "I'm a tough cookie" - and she was too! But as tough as she was, she was never mean. She was kind and loving and loyal. She loved the Lord will all her heart, soul, mind, and strength. She loved her friends, and was loved in return. At 91, Ms. Betty went home to be with the Lord today. She's happy, healthy, whole, and dancing on streets of gold! I'll miss her a ton, but I wouldn't want her back. I'm just jealous that she's with Jesus face to face.


Katie Bloemsma said...

She seems like a wonderful lady... beautiful post!

Rebecca said...

What a precious lady and a sweet friendship! I know you will miss her, but I'm so glad she's with Jesus!!!

Shelby said...

:: sigh ::

You said it very well, Rachel. Betty was a precious gem and, much as I'll miss her, I'm so happy she's with Jesus now.

Thanks for sharing your heart.