Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Wish Is a Dream Your Heart Makes

If the blog title is true, then my heart has been dreaming in overtime! There's time when I don't like being a grownup because it means having to censor your words. As a kid, you can share whatever thoughts or feelings pop up, and people excuse it, largely, because you're a kid and don't know to not share all the family's secrets or whatever. But as an adult, and a married one at that, I have the responsibility to keep some stuff private both for my dignity and in respect of my husband.

There's so many things going on for Andy and I right now that I want to let out. So many emotions and wishes and longings that have to be censored. The question "why" has entered my heart and mind more times in the last hour than I could begin to count! There's so many frustrations in this season of life. And I'm trying to learn from them, and let the Lord mold me into His image. And He isteaching me - because He's faithful. I just wonder when the next season will come - the one where the dreams of my heart are no longer wishes. The one where I discover wishes really do come true.