Friday, September 9, 2011

Fill In the Blank Friday!

1. Somewhere someone is reading this I hope :)

2. Currently, the Proverbs 31 woman is my muse. Oh to be like her!

3. It would stink if Pinterest was no more because, I would lose my source of creative ideas!

4. Snagging gift cards for a work fundraiser, my pumpkin spice frappucino, and a night to do nothing with my hubby are my favorite things about today.

5. Life is kind of like Wheel of Fortune - a fun puzzle!

6. If I could have anything I wanted I would want stability

7. A funny thing happened the other day... I was annoyed that I had to be dressed up for work (I work in a casual office typically). So I'm walking the hike from my car to my office in high heels, and am about to have to cross 4 lanes of traffic. I was waiting for one last car to pass and then I was going to cross - but the car stopped for me, in the middle of the road, so I could cross!! Apparently, dressing up has its perks :)